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CASEair GmbH & Co. KG, situated in Schweinfurt (Germany) was founded in 2010, acquiring a Cessna 182Q, equipped with a 300 hp engine. Our aircrafts are located in the nearby Hassfurt. Since 2013, we proudly operate a Cessna Grand Caravan 208B in our fleet. Both aircrafts are equipped with most modern avionics for passenger flights  as well as cargo flights, and skydive operations in particular. In this mode wie can carry up to 4 or 18 skydivers respectively. Our mission area covers 700 NM around Hassfurt without stopover, corresponding with a direct flight to the cities of Barcelona (Spain), Naples (Italy), Riga (Latvia), or Edinborough (Scotland).

With our service offerings we are able to bridge the gap between sterile airline flights and expensive business or cargo charter flights, without cutting standards in safety and comfort. We are offering customer tailored solutions for your needs – anytime, anywhere. Close cooperations with our alliance partners enable unrestricted availability.

Our small but highly engaged team is living up to our slogan „Quality First“. We hope wie can convince you on our professional yet friendly attitude. Please don´t hesitate to get in touch with us via e-mail, telephone or in person. We are pleased to receive your requests and wishes, supporting you to reach your goals and objectives.

Your goals is our motivation!

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    In close cooperation with FSZ Hassfurt e.V.

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