Cessna 208B D-FOLE

The Cessna Grand Caravan is our heart piece. She is a multi-role mission plane, but is used currently predominantly for dropping skydivers. Technically approved to carry up to 20 skydivers, we perceive 18 skydivers to be economically meaningful. Standard dropping is from FL140.


Crew1 to 2
Occupants9 passengersor 18 skydivers
Engine1 × Pratt & Whitney turbopropPT6A-114A 675 hpPT6A-140 867 hp
Propeller3 blade Hartzell variable pitch5 blade MT variable pitch
Length12,67 m41 ft 7 in
Span15,88 m52 ft 1 in
Height4,70 m15 ft 5 in
Weight (empty)2.127 kg4.690 lbs
Max. take off weight3.969 kg8.750 lbs
Max. landing weight3.856 kg8.500 lbs
Fuel capacity332 US gal2.224 lbs


Max. speed324 km/h175 kt201 mph
Cruise speed317 km/h171 kt197 mph
Range1,996 km1,078 NM1.240 mi
Rate of climb3.9 m/s770 ft/min 
Dropping: rotations2.3 loads/hto FL140