Cessna 182Q D-EPSC

Our entry into skydiving operations. 300 hp will get four skydivers safely and reliably to 12,000 ft. Also 14,000 ft will work without problem. In principle, the 182 can be used for all kinds of skydiving: AFF, tandem, freefly, formation skydiving.


Occupants3 passengersor 4 skydivers
Length8.84 m29 ft
Span11.00 m36 ft
Height2.80 m9 ft 4 in
Weight (empty)894 kg1,970 lbs
Max. weight1,411 kg3,110 lbs
Payload517 kg1,140 lbs
Max. take off weight1,406 kg3,100 lbs
Enginge1 × ContinentalIO550D, 300 hp
Propeller3-blade HartzellConstant Speed


Max. speed324 km/h175 kt201 mph
Cruise speed269 km/h145 kt167 mph
Stall speed91 km/h49 kt56 mph
Range1,722 km930 nm1,070 mi
Ceiling5,517 m18,100 ft 
Rate of climb4.9 m/s1,000 ft/min 
Dropping: rotations2.5 loads/hto FL120