[:de]Nach der letzten Schulungsrunde[:en]After last training session[:]

We’ve got them all – CRI and CRE for SEP and CessnaSET!

Single Engine Piston (land) allows the flying of single engine land airplanes from 700 kg to 2,000 kg MTOW. Familiarization with a particular type can be done by pilots on their own, but in our opinion it is always advisable to be instructed by a person familiar with the Type.

Single Engine Turbine basically allows flying turbine-powered landplanes up to 5.7 tons MTOW, but this class rating is also tied to types. Mind you, it is still a class rating! We train for the Cessna SET (land), which is also entered in the license. However, the following aircraft can legally be flown with this rating:

  • Cessna 206 Turbine (PT6A, as well as Rolls Royce engines, aka Soloy I and Mark II resp.)Cessna 207 Turbine (engines as above, just not Soloy Mark II)Cessna 210 Silver Eagle (Rolls Royce engine or Soloy I)Cessna 208 with PT6A-114, PT6A-114A, PT6A-42A, PT6A-140, as well as Honeywell/Garrett and GE Catalyst soonCessna 208B with engines as above (just not PT6A-114, not available for C208B, with 600 shp not strong enough)

Remark: After the Cessna SET (land) is granted, we strongly recommend the (informal) familiarization for the specific fuselage/engine combination, though, including confirming entry in your logbook.