Engine Exchange

New Arrival!

Starting mid of February reaching up to beginning of May 2021 our Cessna Grand Caravan C208B has been in the workshop. The background to this lengthy stay was a pleasant one: We exchanged the Pratt & Whitney standard engine PT6A-114A against the externally nearly identical PT6A-140. Why all of that? Because we could increase the […]

Increased Security – New Transponder

In the interest of our passengers aboard, we have exchanged the existing transponder GTX33ES against the latest GTX345R in the D-FOLE. This one comes from Garmin as well, but has a significant advantage: It can display the surrounding traffic on the large display of the GTN750. All aircraft in the proximity with an ADS-B out […]

Comprehensive revision

In preparation of the 2017 season, Äxel ist currently going through intensive maintenance and “housekeeping”. Whatever might be found as due for repair or overhaul will be conducted immediately. For this reason, we are handing over our plane for around 10 weeks. Amongst other activities, propeller and propeller governor are going through complete overhaul, so […]

High Altitude Jumps

In cooperaton with FSZ Haßfurt e.V., we will conduct high altitude jumps again this year. These will get us to FL200, which usually corresponds to ca. 6,000m above grond level. Oxygen will be provided on board! Pre-condition to the jump is a thoroughly conducted briefing, which is mandatory to participate in. In case of interest, […]

Avionics Updated

After a comprehensive avionics upgrade in 2015 (Garmin GTN650, GTN750, GTX33ES), we have installed finally also a FLARM. With these investments we want to account for our safety aspirations. The FLARM, supported by the ground station of the FSZ Haßfurt e.V., safeguards skydiving operation at Haßfurt airfield. Inbound traffic will be warned reliably of dropping […]